Aircraft Services

AvCap provides personalized, cost-effective services to its clients.

Management and Remarketing of Aircraft on Lease

Since its inception, AvCap has sold or managed portfolios of commercial aircraft with a market value of $ 2 billion. AvCap negotiated lease extensions, remarketed aircraft, and repossessed aircraft in a default situation. AvCap sold the majority of these assets in line with the goals and objectives of the owners. In addition to this, AvCap has successfully represented owner participants in defaulted, leveraged leases to sell their interests to hedge funds. AvCap has arranged to raise primary debt, sell secondary debt, and to remarket aircraft subject to operating leases for US, European, and Japanese clients.

Financial Advisor and Arranger

AvCap has consulted with Napier Park, Wells Fargo Equipment Finance, Daimler Capital,AeroCentury, Lazard Freres & Co., Montrose & Company, and Radian Asset Assurance Co. on commercial aircraft transactions. AvCap also provides advice on structuring loans and leases for the purchase of commercial aircraft. AvCap has access to a global network of diversified debt and equity sources in both the primary and secondary markets. AvCap has a proven record of having arranged financing from loan syndicates, lessors, insurance companies, pension funds, venture capital firms, specialty funds, and both institutional and individual investors.